utrum paper 8 pages without the title and reference and an out line

First search for an argumentative topics and show it to me to agree on it

Once you have a topic sorted out, please use this space to provide an outline of your argument. This could take the form of one or more “articles” ala Aquinas. Here are two examples:

Utrum: whether it is the case that God is seen by the human eye

Videtur: yes, because…

Sed Contra: no, because…

Responsio: I respond “no”

Ergo: Here’s how that works


“I am going to be looking at whether baseball or American football is a better sport. I think I will need several articles to do that, including:

1.) whether we can assign moral value to sports

2.) whether baseball is morally “good” or “bad”

3.) whether American football is morally “good” or “bad”


^^^^ the up is for doing the outline

The Assignment:

  • Using Thomas Aquinas as a structural guide, you are to write an utrum paper on a contemporary issue of your choosing. This paper must faithfully argue both sides of an issue before deciding on the merits of either the videtur or sed contra

  • The manuscript is to be formatted in Times New Roman font, 12 points, double-spaced, with one-inch (1”) margins at the top, bottom, left, and right
  • Title pages and works-cited pages do not count toward the page totals below. I need 8 pages

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