verifiable computation need help on below topic

Verifiable Computation

Modern consumer devices like tablets or even laptops are connected to the internet but do not have much computational power. Therefore, it is becoming a common practice to delegate the computation to third parties (like a cloud provide), who perform the computation
— for a small fee — and then return the answer. The goal of verifiable computation is to enable the client to check quickly (much quicker than the computation, since otherwise delegation has no point) the correctness of the answer. Some recent papers have shown that
this can be done efficiently for many practical problems, and not in theory, describing relevant implementations.

  • APA format
  • Min number of pages are 30 pages
  • Must have
    • Contents with page numbers
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • The problem
      • Are there any sub-problems?
      • Is there any issue need to be present in relation to the problem?
    • The solutions
      • Steps of the solutions
    • Compare the solution to other solution
    • Any suggestion to improve the solution
    • Conclusion
    • References

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