Watch short videos and do a description on each……due today…….

This assignment is due today in 10hours……….must meet the deadline…..

For this assignment you will go to the following website and watch the short videos and write a short description about each video. (10) in total


Your assignment is to A)  Watch all of these short videos (10 total) B)  Create a document where you  will detail each video:(Please make sure your answers are visibly different from the questions)          1) The name of the project, including the grade           2) The devices used          3)  The programs or apps used          4)  The main point of the lesson  Not just to use the technology.  What are the students learning?          5)  A brief description of the lesson          6)  Whether any kind of assessment was indicated or what you think the assessment might be Assessment is how the teacher can evaluate/measure if the student has learned/acquired skills.

         7)  Any ideas the video gave you for teaching and learning          8)  Any observations you made about any of the topics we have covered in this course (Do you see DOK in action?  Differentiated learning?  21st Century Skills?  Etc.)  A “yes” or “no” answer is not sufficient.  What do you recognize?  Not just the title of it – HOW do you see it?  What does the lesson plan call for that you see as matching that thing particular topic.           9)  Using the SAMR model, where this lesson falls as to the four categories – and whyJust selecting a level is not sufficient.  WHY did you select that level?  What are the students doing with the technology that matches that level in your opinion?  Information about the SAMR model is here: This is all very new.  The important thing is to look at and carefully consider it in order to really begin to get the concepts.

Each video description you write must have have the 9 items listed above.

SO to sum this up again you will watch all 10 short videos on the website:  and write 10 short decriptions following the 9 items listed above.

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