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Your goal is to create a 3-page website that follows web convention. Put this website in a folder (which then magically becomes your web directory) and zip that folder. Do not open the folder to zip. Right click on the folder to zip and it will zip all that is inside.

Your website needs to have three pages. Let’s start by creating a web template that follows web convention that you can then use to build your web assignments. You will use HTML5 semantic tags and page structure.

You need to have the following types of links.

  • Linking-to-other-sites ( in Content section)
  • linking-to-other-pages (navigation on every page)
  • email-links (footer on every page)
  • opening-links-in-a-new-window (target=””)
  • linking-to-a-specific-part (in page links on the home page)

Use HTML 5 tags to create the following.

On Home page:

  1. Use HTML heading tags to name the below sections.
  2. Use HTML paragraph tags.

Paragraph 1 Heading

Describing the HTML5 page structure.

Paragraph 2 Heading

Summarize what you learned in chapters 1-4. Do not copy verbatim. USE YOUR OWN Words.

Paragraph 3

Explain what web convention is and what we should be doing on our websites to be sure we are following web convention. Insert a live hyperlink of a site on the Internet that discusses web convention.

On page 2

Create an unordered list. Explain (define) what each of the following is used for in this list.

  • body
  • head
  • title
  • paragraphs
  • Explain the difference between head, header and headings.
  • html 5 semantic tags (general definition of html 5 semantic tags are), along with
    • <article>
    • <aside>
    • <details>
    • <figcaption>
    • <figure>
    • <footer>
    • <header>
    • <main>
    • <mark>
    • <nav>
    • <section>
    • <summary>
    • <time>

On page 3

Demonstrate your knowledge of the following code by giving an example of each code below (which means that you will using the tag for that code). Divide your list of examples into 2 different types of lists you haven’t used before. The type of lists you can use are listed below.

  • bold
  • italic
  • superscript-and-subscript
  • white-space
  • line-breaks
  • horizontal-rules
  • strong
  • emphasis
  • quotations
  • abbreviations
  • citations
  • definitions
  • address
  • strike-through

Lists you can use for page 2 and page 3.

  • ordered-lists
  • unordered-lists
  • definition-lists
  • nested-lists

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