week 3 assignment meet my reit

For this assignment, you have been assigned a REIT (See above). To receive credit for this assignment, stick to the one that has been assigned to you- the Apple Hospitality REIT for the assignment


Your rich Aunt Erma was on the train yesterday, and she heard someone discussing the REIT you’ve been assigned. Aunt Erma believes you’re the smartest one in the family, and that after a few years at JWU know more about hotels than anyone! She wants your opinion in the form of a professionally formatted paper she can show her stockbroker, in case she decides to buy shares of your REIT.

Your paper should have the following sections:

Introduction to the Company (250 words)

items you could include would be

  • The investment goal of the company
  • The number of years the REIT has been traded
  • Who is on the Executive team and what are their backgroundsthe number of years the REIT has been traded, information on the executive team etc. Look for information an investor would be interested in, rather than silly information, such as the address or fax number of the company.

Overview of the Hotel Assets (250 words)

Items to include are

  • The number of hotels
  • The types of markets the hotels are in (ie Urban, Suburban, Airport, Roadside)
  • The markets the hotels are in, (Cities)
  • Chain scales of the hotels they tend to invest in
  • Brands they OWN (if any).

While tables or bullets may work for this section, you should not rely on them exclusively. You can find this information – and other very valuable information about your REIT by going to their website and scrolling (to the bottom usually) and looking for “Investor Relations”. Here you will find the information important to investors. Every site has this information.

Financial Performance (1 chart, plus 100 words)

Go to Yahoo Finance ->

Type in your REIT ->

Select “comparison” on then top left of the chart ->

Add the S&P 500 index for comparison ->

Change your chart’s date range to 1 year

Take a screenshot of your chart and crop it to fit into your document (if you can figure out instagram, you can go to google and figure out how to do a professional looking screenshot on a Mac or PC. :-))

Underneath the chart, briefly explain how your stock has been doing relative to the S&P 500. Over the past year, has it been a good investment? Why or why not?

Projected performance (one table, plus 200 words)

Using the attached STR Lodging Review, examine the city, state, and chain scale of three properties from your REIT, and recreate the table below, filling in columns B,C, D and E.

Based on what you see from just these three properties, do you think your REIT is likely to perform better than the US as a whole, or worse than the US as a whole – and WHY

Recommendation to Aunt Erma (250 words)

You’ve looked at the leadership team, the markets and brands they’re in, how they’ve performed in the past, and how their year is shaping up so far. Pull it all together for Aunt Erma – should she invest?

Please refer to the grading rubric as you complete this assignment.

the attached might be helpful

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