week 5 discussion 104

Discussion – Week 5


Discussion: Choosing Your Customers—The Other Side of


You can’t pick your customers, necessarily. But customer complaints

and problems can be expensive. Where does a marketing manager draw

the line? You have read about the importance of listening to customer

complaints, but are all complaints valid? This week you will explore this

concept more in the Discussion.

To prepare:

 Review this week’s Learning Resources.

ï‚· Consider these questions: Are all customers worth keeping? At what

cost? Explore the idea that there may be some customers that cost the

company too much money and are therefore not worth retaining.

By Day 3, post your cohesive response to the following prompts:

ï‚· Is it ever valid for a company to dissuade certain types of customers who

are bad for business, such as frequent complainers, non-buyers, or

those who frequently return goods? Why or why not?

 Explain why you believe or don’t believe all customers are important or

worth keeping.

By Day 5, respond

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