Week 5 – Journal ($8) need it in three hour

Week 5 – Journal

Your Legacy

Suppose you are ending your career in teaching and you are planning to retire.  Your friends have decided to give you a retirement celebration and they have asked several of your former students to speak at the event.  What those students say will be a reflection of your life’s work and will define your legacy.  Given what has been discussed throughout this course, and what you know about yourself and your dedication to teaching and learning, in one or two pages summarize what you predict your students will say at your retirement party?  What will your legacy be? 

Journal Guidelines

  • Your journal must be 1 to 2 double-spaced pages in length.

This is a journal assignment so, APA formatting is not required. It is still suggested that you follow the APA guidelines set down in the APA paper template provided by the Ashford Writing Center. The more you practice APA style the better you are at it.

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