Week 5 Learning Activities Actions for 'Week 5 Learning Activities'

Week 5 Learning Activities Actions for ‘Week 5 Learning Activities’

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WEEK FIVE:  Individual Leadership Skills

Themes this week focus on the leader as an individual. It discusses the soft skills that a leader, as an individual, needs to create and maintain followers.

Learning Activity # 1

Tanesha Bloom was made Captain of the USS Barnes.  She worked hard in her new post and rank.  Having served on several ships over the last twenty-five years, Bloom was known for being tough but fair in her approach to her subordinates.  She was civil to everyone but was considered a loner by her fellow officers and remote in her dealings with others.  Fearful that should would not be treated with respect and determined that she would be obeyed in her command, Bloom became overly attentive to her officers and micromanaged everyone from the lowest seaman to her immediate second in command.  She penalized and put on report people for the smallest infraction.  The USS Barnes serving personnel who were known to have the best morale in the fleet became the most demoralized and unresponsive crew.  When the ship docked, almost half the ship’s crew asked for immediate transfers.  Bloom was called to task by her superiors immediately.  They said that they would give her one more chance but if the negative reports continued she would be demoted and removed from the ship by the next month.  Scared and worried for her career, Bloom comes to you to ask for advice.

Assess how Bloom might go about changing her leadership style.  Take into consideration her personality traits, organizational values, emotional intelligence and the social leadership aspects of her role as leader.  In short make her a new woman, one that the crew would want to follow.

Learning Activity # 2

  • Take the Jung Typology Test at http://www.humanmetrics.com/
  • Take the emotional intelligence quiz at http://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=3037
  • Take the Ultimate Ethics Quiz at http://www.gotoquiz.com/the_ultimate_ethics_quiz
  • Take the How good are your communication skills quiz at https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newCS_99.htm
  • Students may decide to report the results either completely or generally. Privacy is a consideration so the decision is all yours.  
  • After a review and reflection of the results, discuss how this information can improve relationships with others in the workplace.
  • Give five examples of practical situations where a leader could use this information to improve his or her success in leading others especially in the current business climate.

Learning Activity #3

Take the “What is your leadership style assessment” at http://www.leadershipiq.com/blogs/leadershipiq/36533569-quiz-whats-your-leadership-style

Students may decide to report the results either completely or generally.  Privacy is a consideration so the decision is all yours.  Discuss the different types of leadership styles.  How does personality affect leadership style?  Take a look at the results of the two quizzes to answer.  How can an individual create a style that enhances the change of being a successful 21st century leader?  Explain how your personality affects the style that was explained in the results of the test.  Make sure to use the course readings in responding to each question.

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