What is a proper adjective?

Proper adjectives are words in their proper form (starts with a capital letter) that describe .

Proper adjectives are just like proper . They start with a capitalized letter.

  1. Look for a word capitalized first letter.
  2. Look at the word after it and know if it is a noun.
  3. If it is a noun, then it is a proper adjective.

Examples: I want to write a story with a Shakespearean tragedy . Shakespearean = adjective tragedy = noun

People like China because it promotes the Orwellian culture . Orwellian = adjective culture = noun China is a proper noun, not a proper adjective. China doesn’t describe anything/anyone.

There are also times when the word after it is not a noun. To know if it is a proper adjective, just look for a common adjective and insert the word you have chosen between the c.a. and the noun (remove the remaining words).

Example: The politician gave a great speech but it was very Orwellian . The politician gave a great Orwellian speech .

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