What is the ethical dilemma about? (Trolley, Stealing, Motive)

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Discuss Dilemma . Situational Ethics

What is the ethical dilemma about? (Trolley, Stealing, Motive)

Tell us how you voted and why?


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The trolley dilemma is about making a decision to save the lives of either the two elderly people or five young people that are on the tracks. There is another option; to throw another person onto the tracks (and kill him) in order to save all seven of those already on the tracks. The option I chose is for the driver to pick the right fork, killing the two older people instead of five young. A casualty is unavoidable in this circumstance, and it is not up to me to choose to end the life of the man I could have pushed– which would make me a murderer. Instead, it is best to let one of the two inevitable options happen, and it is better to end two lives than five.


The stealing dilemma is about if it’s okay to murder and steal from someone if it will lead to saving millions of lives in the future. The dilemma itself is that if a medical student were to kill and rob an old lady, he could use the money to attend medical school and eventually invent a miracle drug that could cure an immense amount of people. Yet, the option that I chose was that this crime could never be justified no matter what the result may be. While it would be a good deed to study medicine and save lives, it does not make up for the life involuntarily lost when if he murders an innocent old woman.


The motive dilemma gives two examples of people giving donations to the same orphanage, with one being a billionaire looking to save money on taxes and the second being a CSUN student without much money who donated out of compassion for the orphans. The billionaire would save $10 million on taxes by donating $2 million, which shows that he is donating only with the selfish motive of having more money in his pocket. The billionaire would not have donated if it would not have benefited him, whereas the CSUN student did not benefit at all and truly donated out of the goodness of her heart. So, for this dilemma I voted that Kathy is more moral, because she did it not for show, or selfish reasons, but out of compassion.

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