what you will need to do for this assignment is to write a 500 word document that describes and analyzes one piece of artwork that you have chosen from either an art museum or art gallery

500 word paper on:

Analysis of James Rosenquist The Memory Continues but the Clock Disappears 2011

Must include the following:

  1. Tile of submission (name of museum)Word count of the main body of your submission
  2. Title of art work selected for discussion along with Date, title, artist, country or region of artist,
  3. Where did the artwork come from? What materials were used to create the artwork?
  4. Can you identify the stylistic period of the artwork? Remember to define your terms.
  5. Describe the artwork—is it representational? If it is, what does it represent? Is it a portrait, a genre scene, a mythological or biblical scene? What are the formal elements (line, color, rhythm, etc.). If it is not representative, what response does the art work evoke? (review the file on formal analysis in the lessons tab) I will be less inclined to give you full credit if you just focus on subject matter. Write about the work from the position of a person educated in art by using the new terms and concepts learned in this class.
  6. What purpose did the artwork serve? Who used it? What is its cultural context?
  7. Finally, what is your reaction to the work? Why?
  8. Will this museum inspire you to visit other museums?

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