While 90% of the slaves were in the South during the 1700sit did not preclude the North from what is referred to as “complicity”(enabling it) in slavery.

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he North not only accepted slavery and

worked hand in hand with other places like the West Indies to support

it, but it also had something of a thriving slave system of its own.

First, describe this “complicity.” Why was it important to the North?

Who was involved in it? Then explain why those growing up in

American rarely hear or are taught about it. Who was involved in it?

Careful! Could it have been unreported in the past?

Papers should be 2-3 typed pages, double-spaced, with 1”

margins and in 12’ font. The date, course code, your name

and the title Objective B Paper should appear at the top of the

first page. You may add an additional “creative” title if you wish


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