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Final Research Project: Diversity Topics (including but not limited to the following):

Racism, Class Issues, Age/Generational Issues, Gay/Bi-Sexual/Lesbian/Transgender Issues,Women’s Issues, Religious Issues, Political/Ideological Issues/ Health/Disability Issues, Environmental and/or Media Related Issues.

FINAL RESEARCH ESSAYPrepare a (3-4 page) Critical Analysis essay that includes at least 3 Sources AND MLA (Modern Language Association) Style of Documentation and a Works Cited Page.

  • The final project needs to relate to one of the issues and films we have viewed in the class. 
  • You may choose either a Narrative or a Documentary Film for this assignment.
  • If an alternative film is preferred, please clear it with the Instructor.  
  • For this essay you will evaluate and analyze a film we have viewed in class based on the major theme and the message regarding culture it sends.    

  • Remember that you are creating a thesis, an argument using evidence from the film, analyzing how a particular sequence(s) functions based on the understanding of film you have acquired.   For example, the Pig Farmer Sequence, the Oklahoma City University debate, or the final sequence involving the Harvard Debate all function to develop the plot, the character’s development and the theme. To help you with your analysis be sure to use film studies vocabulary and the cinematic technology; lighting, camera, camera angles, position (low angle, high angle, aerial view, sound, music (musical and visual motifs) or examples of Mise-en-scene the director uses to illuminate or underscore the theme. 

  • A successful paper will contain a strong thesis; have detailed analyzed evidence to support your argument; and integrate your research (a minimum of two sources).  The research format we will be following is the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. Examples of reputable sources you might use in your analysis include the following: a scholarly article on the movie(s) of your topic, an interview with the director, a review by a well respected critic, or an article or text on a related cultural issue.

  •  Critical Thinking Skills (Interpretation, Analysis).  The paper should represent your own take, ideas, thoughts, views, opinions on the film as a whole that you choose to focus on.  You will need support for your argument.  Please note the 

  • Citing the Sites:  MLA-Style Guidelines and Models.  Version 1.3.  These guidelines and models are based upon Janie Walker’s “MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources (Endorsed by the Alliance for Computers and Writing),” Vers. 1.0; It is revised as recommended by Andrew Harnack and Gene Kleppinger in “Beyond the MLA Handbook: Documenting Sources on the Internet” http://www.csc.eku.du/honors/beyod-mia., www.citationmachine.net, www.purdueowl.com, www.easybib.com.     

  • Be careful not to plagiarize (plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of  someone else’s words or ideas.  The MLA (Modern Language Association) Style of documentation is required for this essay.  You may go to www.turnitin.com to check for Plagiarism and Grammar.

  • For film reviews, try sources like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, etc.  

  • For scholarly articles on films, you may choose from many of the useful academic journals: American Cinematographer, Wide Angle, American Film, Film Criticism, and Film  Quarterly.  When looking for film reviews in well-respected publications, visit the Academic Universe Web Database.  This database provides access to magazine publications for the pas several years.

  • Warning: Approach World Wide Web film sources with caution.  Many amateurs have started movie review or fan sites.  While their information may be interesting, it is not substantial enough to be cited in a serious film analysis.

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