Why do we need a bureaucracy?

Why do we need a bureaucracy?


1. You must post at least 200 words for your first post and 150 words in each of your following posts. It is a good idea to write it in Word first, do a word count and post that at the end of your posts. Remember to list a reference at the end of your first post. APA format is preferred.

2. While opinion can be important in politics, it needs to be an informed opinion–one that relies on our readings or discussions.

Please list your reference(s) at the end of your initial post.

Here is how to reference your textbook, as you are required to use it for this discussion:

Harrison, B., Harris, J., & Deardorff, M. (2022). American democracy now (7th ed.). McGraw Hill.

Post Length Requirement Day Requirement Score
First post –

reply to prompt in your own words, with no more than one short direct quote.

200 Words, scholarly references required* By Friday (but try to make it earlier) 35 points
Reference at end of initial post included, APA format preferred     5


Why do we need a bureaucracy?

In a time of fiscal restraint, politicians’ campaign on getting rid of “bureaucrats” who make government more inefficient and cost taxpayers more money. However, is there a value to having public servants? What does a bureaucracy do? After reading Chapter 14, name some reasons why a bureaucracy is detrimental to our political system and some reasons why a bureaucracy is a functional necessity to our political system. Please bring in information from your text to support your answer. In addition, choose one federal or state agency in our government’s bureaucracy and describe its purpose. Is it effective in carrying out its purpose?

Remember: Use your textbook to address the discussion prompts.

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