will new technology in developing countries be a help or a hindrance read this article and write a short summary https www weforum org agenda 2018 10 will new technologies help or harm developing countries

Article. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/10/will-new-te…

Short summary of article: Read and understand the message of the article well before writing a concise and coherent summary of the article. Limit your summary to 1/2 a page.

Reaction to article content:

What are your initial impressions of the article (difficult to read, not well written, too much jargon, unrealistic, superficial, informative, well written, easy to read, full of misinformation, misleading, biased, mainly expressions of personal opinions, empirically sound, objective, subjective, etc.)?

If you were to re-write the article, what would you take out, add, or leave in?

What do you agree and/or disagree with about the article and why?

What new ideas did you learn from the article?

Have you made use of any ideas learned in class in discussing your review? yes

Did what you learned in class help your understanding of the article? yes

Has this article helped your understanding of the topic discussed in class? yes

Conclusions: What inferences can you draw from the article reviewed? This is your conclusion, not the author’s. Conclusion is not the same thing as summary. For example, will gaining knowledge and skills promote sustainable development in the Third World? In other words, what are some implications of the ideas expressed in the article; future prospects based on information from the article?

Reference: Skip three to four lines after the last sentence in your conclusion section and write your reference to the article reviewed, using the following American Psychological Association (APA)

Please include the article after the reference.

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