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Based on your understanding of your key variables from your annotated bibliography and your research question/hypothesis, this week you will be designing the experiment that you will propose to conduct.

The following pieces of information must be provided in your Methodology section – please use the following headings in your proposal this week. Also these sections should be written up in paragraph format (not bulleted statements).

  • Participants – what are the characteristics of your participants?
  • Setting – where will your conduct your study?
  • Instruments – what instrument or tool will you use to collect your data (i.e. survey, observation, interview)?
  • Procedures – step by step how will you conduct your study?
  • Ethical issues – what possible ethical issues need to be considered? Here you will need to specifically discuss the informed consent.
Methodology Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Participants 10
Setting 10
Instruments 20
Procedures 30
Ethical Issues 10
Grammar, spelling, and correct APA format 20
Total: 100

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