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Exploring the World Wide Web. Read the case on REI and answer questions 1-3 in your post. Your post should be one paragraph long per question. Remember, make sure you address ‘corporate strategy’ . You must leverage text book content (not just case content) to help your answer.

Go to the REI website and also visit their Youtube channel for content.

Go to REI’S webpage ( and click on “Who We Are”. Then click on REI Stewardship” Watch one or more of the videos posted to this page and answer the following question;

1- Which corporate-level strategy is REI using?

2- Describe some of REI’s stewardship efforts and how they impact the company’s corporate strategies.

3- What makes REI different from other gear and apparel retailers?

I also attach a power point with a summary of the chapter in case you need some reference. No more than one paragraph per question.


Post one to two paragraphs (well written, complete) – 50%

Leverage book content (not just case study content) – 15%

Critical Thinking (use example, opinion, outside resource) – 10%

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