Would you approve this claim ?

Wall Street Journal

Would you approve this claim ?"The Gulf Settlement Program did .Claim * * * 89 : A global nuclear consultant submitted a claimfor lost income to the Gulf Settlement Program. The businesshas clients all over the world and performs services that couldnot possibly have been affected by the spill . The claimsubmitted also showed the company’s revenue and profits were*higher in the year of the spill than any other year from 2007 to2011 . The claimant was awarded more than $510 , 000 .A claim from a company with a global business . For alleged lossesin the company’s most profitable period in years . With no apparentconnection to the spill .Despite these obvious red flags , the Gulf Settlement Program approvedthis claim anyway . Without adequate investigation or sufficient back updocumentation. Indeed , the claimant even argued that whether it wasaffected by the spill is irrelevant . The fact is that thousands ofundeserving claims like this – totaling over half a billion dollars -have already been paid .We’ll continue fighting to stop all abuses of the settlement and returnthe claims process to doing what it was intended to do : paying thelegitimate claims of people and businesses who suffered real financiallosses from the spill .

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