write 2 journals, one page for each.

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

The 1st journal for 100A (the file name chapter 02 can be used on this)

Drawing on your course content to date, explain your theoretical perspective on human development. Write one paragraph to explain how you believe development “works,” including what established theory and/or evidence has supported your perspective. You should make clear and direct references to the textbook, here.

Then, write a second paragraph detailing how you might approach your future work with children based on this perspective. For example, you can explain how your theoretical perspective would shape your interactions with a child in a hospital setting, a family context, or in a classroom. Detail a hypothetical example of your interactions, and focus on writing about this in a way that lets your reader (a) picture your interactions with children and (b) recognize the specific evidence that you’re using to inform your hypothetical example.

The 2nd journal for 100B (the file name chapter 11 can be used on this)

Berger devotes a large proportion of chapter 11 to discussing children who are not developing typically. Choose one of the following contexts: schools, hospitals, or private medical practices. Based on what you learned about biosocial development in middle childhood and from our other course topics so far, answer the following questions: (1) In what ways should this context be required by law to support children who are not typically developing? (2) On the other hand, what is not reasonable to expect from this context when accommodating children who are not typically developing? (3) To what extent should governments regulate accommodations for children who are not typically developing (i.e., what are they responsible for and what is not their responsibility)?

If you want to cite the book, there are the screen shot of the book’s name. Don’t have to write the page number because the version I got don’t have the page number.

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