write a 1page summary of the article etc

Read: “Will the Liberal Order Survive?: The History of an Idea”, by Joseph Nye, Jr. in Foreign Affairs, Jan/Feb 2017,

1) Write a 1page summary of the article.

2) What is meant by the “liberal order?”

3) Nye wrote:” Even if the U.S. remains the largest power, accordingly, it will not be able to achieve many of its international goals acting alone. . .And in a world where borders are becoming more porous, letting in everything from drugs to infectious diseases to terrorism, nations must use soft power to develop networks and build institutions to address shared threats and challenges.”

a) What does Nye mean?

b) Define soft power and provide 2 examples of how the U.S. practices it;

4) Nye was quite prescient about infectious diseases: explain how the U.S. is using soft power to get other countries, international organizations, and/or corporations, to address the shared threat of Coronavirus. You will need to read an article or two about this to provide the information.

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