Write a 2 pages essay for graduate nursing program application

I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.

Please use the following guidelines for your application essay:

-Describe your professional nursing goals.

-Articulate your personal definition of nursing and concept of career opportunities in this field.

My profession nursing goal is to become a nurse practitioner. By becoming a nurse practitioner, I will be able to interact with patients, educate them about the stages/progression of the disease, and ultimately treating them. Not only that, nursing also enable me to advocate and raise awareness to the community about dead diseases. Nursing does not exclusively work in hospital and providing care for patients, they could also work as case manager, nurse leader, or even home health nurse for those that like to have a flexible schedule.

Hope this can help you to expand into a 2 pages essay. Please ask if you have any question. Thank you!

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