Write a 250-word personal critical self-reflection.

Write a 250-word personal critical self-reflection. A personal critical self-reflection is not a summary of what you have learned. The focus is on the learning process, what you will do with your new knowledge, and how it will change what you do in your working environment.

The following questions can be used as guidance:

What did you not learn and why? Identify personal insights, moments of critical questioning, and comments or ideas from the class over the past four weeks which have affected you.
What obstacles (time management, deeper reading including other material, etc.) did you encounter in your learning?
What do you need to do to improve on in your learning?
What did you know about the subject before starting this course, and how did your views change of the specific topic?
What questions do you have about the materials and analyses for this week and/or course?
What, if anything, do you not fully understand?
What issues, questions, and challenges related to the weekly topics could have relevant application in your environment? Why and how?

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