write a 3 4 page paper using the instructions below

PURPOSE: In this section of the course, we have discussed mass incarceration in the U.S., including its history, justification and incentivizing, and those who have been most impacted.

This assignment is to help you think more broadly—either within the U.S. context or globally—about alternatives to the use of incarceration as a punishment. It will deepen your understanding of a particular alternative policy/program that is currently in place and allow you to compare and contrast your chosen policy with the use of mass incarceration in most places in the U.S. across the past 50 years.

This assignment will also help you strengthen your research and writing skills, including the use of appropriate citation and bibliography styles.

TASK: These are the steps that you need to take and the questions that you need to answer in completing your assignment.

  1. Select your paper topic. You must pick an alternative to incarceration that is currently being implemented or proposed for implementation somewhere in the U.S. or in another country.
  2. Describe this alternative to incarceration, including where and when it was/is being implemented or proposed and what problem it is supposed to solve. If it replaced or is proposed to replace some other alternative to incarceration, make sure to discuss this as well.
  3. Who are the primary targets of this alternative to incarceration? Is it meant for a special population (e.g., drug addicts) or aimed at a general group of offenders (e.g., those convicted of misdemeanors)?
  4. If the policy has been in place long enough to assess, has it been successful? If the policy is being proposed, why do proponents think it will be successful? Keep in mind how “success” is defined in relation to this specific alternative to incarceration.
  5. Do you think this alternative to incarceration is a better idea than prison? Why or why not? Think about the “costs” and “benefits”of various kinds that this program might have or create (to the individual, to the surrounding community, to social institutions like families and the labor market, to the country, etc.).
  6. In doing this assignment, don’t forget to think about the basic tenets of critical constructionism and how they would inform your understanding of this alternative to incarceration policy.

CRITERIA: Your paper will be evaluated on a variety of criteria, including:

  • your application of course concepts and readings to the response paper topic,
  • your analysis, critique, or comments on the question and the appropriate class readings that support your response,
  • the degree of thought and creativity put into the paper, and
  • the quality of your writing (yes, spelling and grammar count).

You are being asked to support your answer with evidence from the readings and class lecture/discussion. Personal opinions and critiques are welcome, but should only be included if supported by evidence.

Papers should be 3 – 4 typed, double spaced pages in length. Entries can be longer, but writing excess pages will not help to increase your grade if they are not thoughtful and well written.

Use a maximum of a 12 point font and 1” margins. Number your pages and put your name on the first page. A title page is not necessary.

Please use parenthetical (in text) citation with the author’s name and the publication year. Include a page number when using a direct quotation. Include all sources in a bibliography. Refer to the citation guidelines on how to correctly use parenthetical citations and how to create a bibliography. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. THANK YOU!!!!!

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