Write a 5 paragraph essay answering the prompt provided and using 3 resources to support it

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Write a 5 paragraph essay ( Intro; state the thesis and state the 3 claims you are going to use in the essay (body paragraph) ) ,(3 body paragraphs each body paragraph should have a supportive claim from the one you stated in your intro, a quote to support your claim from the readings I will provide, and end it with and opinion using the (I) voice ) You should paraphrase the quotes and cite them, they should be only from the readings I provide. Each body paragraph should have a quote from a different reading, so you should utilize all 3 readings in your body paragraphs, and after the quotation state from which reading you used it. (Finally a conclusion). Answering this question, How have Chicano thinkers’ analyses of Chicano history, culture, and identity reflected the tensions between internal diversity and cultural unity, and/or between assimilation and resistance?

it may be helpful to consider: ethnicity; race; class; gender; politics; language; values; internal colonialism; the border; Aztlán; Chicanismo.

Reading #1: https://www.latinamericanstudies.org/latinos/joaquin.htm?fbclid=IwAR3kraCG5W6VsECc4UdB8_bN6D8EoBecVsngC7vGD0XNcOjtCABxGQsi688

Reading #2,#3, are attached as pictures

Please make sure to answer the prompt provided and follow the requirements the quotes to support your 3 claims in your body paragraphs should be only used from the readings provided, at the end of each paragraph give your own opinion about it using the I voice. The quotes should be paraphrased and cited from the readings, make sure to have a thesis in your intro and your 3 main topics you are going to talk about in your body paragraphs.

If you have any questions let me know

It should be easy and straight forward, you have plenty of time , please follow all the requirements and the prompt and I will give a good review and tip. Thanks.

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