Write a bad news letter of one of the following

To: Members of English 202c

From: Gina

Subject: Bad News/ Adjustment Letter

Write a bad-news/ adjustment letter based on one of the following situations. Length is not a factor; you are done when you have appropriately communicated with your audience.  Please be sure to follow proper letter format and follow the guidelines to write a bad news letter. (See this week’s module)

  1. You are the owner of Nittany Consulting Group, and you recently interviewed two candidates for an entry-level technical writing position. Jeanette Student was the candidate not chosen. You must write a bad news letter telling her that she did not get the job. She was a good candidate, but not as qualified in the required computer programs as the other candidate. She also did not score as well on the editing test.

You must tell her that she did not get the job and why. You may be interested in hiring her in the future, so you want to remain cordial while also offering her helpful advice.

Make up names and addresses as needed.

  1. You are the Academic Dean of Nittany College. You don’t have enough new students enrolling in the Auctioneering and Sales Science degree program. Therefore, you are closing the major to all new students. Freshman and sophomores will no longer be allowed to choose this major. Write a bad news letter to students telling them about the decision, and that they will need to find a new major before the end of the semester.

Invent any reasonable details. Make up names and addresses as needed.

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