Write a brief summary and critique of a published study employing non-experimental methods.

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Please submit your article summary and critique in the following format:


  1. Full Citation (use APA format)
  2. Research Question and Hypotheses (could be more than one, name the independent and dependent variables)
  3. Design (name the research design, i.e. pretest, post-test with non-random control group)
  4. Sample (who was in the study and how selected)
  5. Measures (what instruments, tests, surveys were used)
  6. Results


In this section you will critique the article and research methods with respect to its strengths and weaknesses. Address the following questions:

  1. What were the major methodological strengths of the research study?
  2. What were the major methodological limitations of the research study?


  1. What are the major differences between experimental and non-experimental designs?

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