Write a narrative-style essay where you introduce your topic(how to make good relationship with my cats)

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Please refer to the document for detailed requirements

(Of course, this paper is a story you need to make up Write in the first person

Outline:1. Give more information about my cat(The owner looks at two cats. One is a British short haired cat a gril, and the other is a ragdoll cat a boy,they have different personalities. Girls are timid and quiet. Boys are lively and active)

2.How I get along with my cats(I often don’t understand what they are thinking. They often make trouble at home, break furniture and show their innocence

3. intresting story about my cats

4. My relationship with cats is getting worse(I’ll hit them when they make mistakes

5. Finally, I found a way to ease my relationship with the cat(How do I use this method

6. What’s the result

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