write a paper 107

Group project topic: Why do overseas supermarkets are hard to enter Chinese market?

My part of the key issues: Culture issue( location, shopping habits, shoppers age, etc)


Depict real life events and include situations that require the application of LEADERSHIP principles learned. Identifies outcomes and provides the conceptual justification for your recommendation.

Introduction – provide a full description of the context, define the dilemma / situation.

Theoretical Connection – give a detailed analysis of one leadership model/theory, you apply to this project through its theoretical lens.

Data Analytical Impact – share a comprehensive data analysis that demonstrates your topic/situational impact on an organization and its industry bottom-line.

Case Connection – provide justification of your topic, its relevance, validity and impact based on comparison to a similar case no older than 2010.

Link to Legislative Policy – specific a particular legislative policy that is related to your topic with its organizational setting. What is the policy? Why is it relevant? Is your topic position to support the legislation or not?

Conclusion –

References –

Format: APA format, 4 pages, double spaced.

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