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Blog Entry Guidelines

Blog entries are submitted through the “Current Events Blog” link under information.  

• Choose a current event article and/or video clip that is relevant to the class from a major news organization (examples:  CNN, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, PBS, MSNBC, BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, NPR, etc.)  You may initially read about an issue in the Daily Skimm, but then do further research to get a more detailed story.  

• Read the article and/or watch the video

• Summarize the content of the article in one paragraph.  You do not need to go into significant detail, but imagine you are explaining the article to your roommate – how would you describe it?

• In the second paragraph, make a connection to something we have talked about in class and/or an article we have read and/or something you hope we do talk about – something that worries you etc.  

• Include a link to the article and/or video that you use.

• When you post your blog, use your name as the name of the blog.  Put all entries under your name so it is a continuous blog.  It is easier to read if you cut and paste rather than attach a document.  

• Other students may have chosen the same article and/or same event and that is fine.

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