write six paragraphs related to the source you find based on the research question provided

The requirement is below:


I hope you are all healthy and that the transition to online classes has been smooth.

Your next big project is an Annotated Bibliography. The info for it is now on Blackboard. In this project you will find 6 of the sources that you will definitely use for your final essay. Like the Exploratory Essay, you will not have an actual essay. You will have 6 sources (MLA works cited style) each with a paragraph about what the article is about, and how you will use it.

In order to start this, you need to come up with a research question which is what you will be working on this week. The question you decide on will dictate your research and the answer you find to the question will be the thesis of your final essay. Remember, your final paper can be about anything as long as it includes food and social justice.


Research Question: who should be responsible in the United States for ensuring there is no food insecurity

Answer (thesis for your final essay): Although the government already has several programs to help with hunger, the restrictions are too strict and need to be expanded to help more people. This combined with non profit organizations and individual help should be enough to end food insecurity in the United States.

My questions:

1. With this Corona virus, how is this affecting the process currently on promoting eating healthy and decreasing food waste?

2. How long is it going to take to get food waste under control?

Teacher response to question:

“I think both of these will work. You might have trouble finding data on healthy eating currently happening, but I am wondering if you could find info about past health scares/economic depressions and how they affect our healthy eating/food waste and then apply it to current events. Your second question would need to be a bit more specific. Where? worldwide? United States? Also, with what change? If we keep going the way we currently handle food, we will never get it under control. But both of these could work easily!”

Please let me know if you have any questions

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