writing a summary report of excel file by interpreting the methods and end results of the analysis

In this Assignment, the required work is to create a complete portfolio made up of two risky assets in the forms of two Saudi shares trading at Tadawul, and one risk-free asset in the form of 4-week SAMA bill by using Excel. (This step was done by me).

The second step is doing the summary report of Excel file (required work in this question).

The goal of the summary report is to present and interpret the means, method, and end-results of your analysis, and justify your recommendations.

Formulas used in Excel:

Stock return data

  • [((1 + R)^12) – 1] x 100 R: return in decimal form

I divided Sama bill rate by 12 to convert it into monthly basis

There are more details and formulas used in the outlines attached

– I will upload the Excel file and the outlines of the assignment to understand the steps made in excel file.

– Minimum pages of the summary report: One

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