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Unit I Essay

Film Essay
These are the films: Mona Lisa Smile, Mr. Hooland’s Opus, School of Rock and Finding Forrester

Each of the films selected for Unit I portrays a teacher/student relationship that proves to be life changing. Identify your movie selection with a brief synopsis of the main characters, the underlying issue, and how it is or is not solved. Touch on the key points of the process of change in your movie. What needed to happen? What risks were taken? What were the positive and negative (if any) outcomes? This should be no more than half of your essay.

In the second part of your essay, discuss your own experience with education. How much of your education has consisted of teachers pouring ideas into your mind and then requiring you to pour them back onto a test? How many teachers have tried to inspire your mind in new ways? Which type of education do you prefer, and why?

Your essay should be no less than two full pages in length. If you use outside sources, please cite and reference them according to APA standards.

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