writting an essay about my self please use this information to help you writing an essay

I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

please use this information to write about me and i am 20 years old and in my second year college and i came to USA in 10th grade and i graduated from king abdullah academy in Virginia and i studied after english language 6 months to get my ILETS that was in Georgetwon univirsity in 2018 so that gonna help you to write about me but do not includes these information in the essay and there is picture includes everything i download it

use the following statments as starting points for your writing :

My goal for this school year is to improve my self and get a higher GPA. I have dreamed of becoming an owner of a car’s company, and own a multiple sport cars because my dream car is mustang then what batter than own a multi mustangs. The professor that inspired me was my math 106 professor where she really gave me a great deal of advice. Some of my most important learning experience have been my mother where she really effectively made me in love with math. Now my strengths are how good i am on math and what I learned on the language year. Some areas that i want to improve is most likely my time management and responsibility. I like activities that force me to use my mind more than body activities. The value that i hold dearest are being the first male in my family to graduate and with a great GPA, where i can then get what I dreamed of .

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