Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on introduction to psychology for business.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on introduction to psychology for business. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory extends a significant influence on the myriads of disciplines that includes anthropology, sociology, art, psychology, literature. According to Freud, the human mind is made of two parts – conscious and unconscious. Whatever one is aware of can be classified under the conscious mind. For example, memory is an integral part of one’s conscious mind that can be retrieved as per the need for daily tasks. One’s logical or rational mental thinking process is also a part of the conscious mind. however, the instincts such as feelings, urges, or dreams are the part of the unconscious mind, and surprisingly, the unconscious mind influences the most in one’s life (Cherry 2012b).

Freud divides human personality into three parts – Id, Ego, and Super-ego. All primitive urges such as hunger, sex, pleasure have been classified by him under ‘id’. Early age in humans revolves around id. The child cries when he or she feels hungry. That is how infants satisfy their basic needs. The id simply thinks about their own needs without giving any importance to others. With the growth of children and interactions with others, ‘ego’ starts developing gradually. The ego takes into account the real-life situation when the need for the ‘id’ is to be fulfilled. The ‘superego’ tries to resolve the moral aspect of one’s thinking process. It deciphers things into rights and wrongs. many people know them as conscience. According to Freud, usually, the ego is the most governing or dominating element in one’s personality regulating and controlling ‘id’ and ‘superego’. Obviously, the person with a dominating superego would emphasize ethics and morals during interaction with others. Such a person will be unbending while dealing with others (AllPsych 2011).

Correctly, the paramount job of ‘ego’ is to find a balance between two other elements – ‘id’ and ‘superego’.

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