Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the state of israel and future threats.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the state of israel and future threats. The number of ultra-Orthodox Jews has close been growing at a considerably higher rate compared to those of other Israelis based on the available figures representing statistics on birth rates for all Israeli demographic groups. This essay explores the effect of the two factors on the future of internal security in Israel based on the beliefs that these groups hold in reference to government policies.

The first factor when considering the internal threats to Israel’s security is the continued increase in the Palestinian Arabs and Muslims. The balance of power within Israel might be at risk given that the rate of population growth for the Palestinian Arabs and Muslims has been higher than that of the Israelis. After, the establishment of Israel as a country, the number of Jews in the country recorded an increased rate that was higher than other groups within the country. Data presented by Rebhun, Malach, and Gavison indicates the population of Jews in Israel grew to 89 in 1968 of total residents from 82 percent recorded in 1958. However, this percentage as far as the total population is concerned has seen a negative growth with the figure falling to 86 percent in 1968 and further down at 76 percent in the most recent survey.

Friedlander traces the high birth rate for the Palestinian Arabs and Muslims to early3 when Palestine society was composed of a population whose main economic activity was agriculture. Large family seizes was encouraged since having many children ensured the agricultural society has adequate labor leading to a high fertility rate of approximately about 7.5-8.0 births per woman. The consequence of these high birth rates has been a steady increase in the Arab population in Israel with the three main subgroups made up of Muslims, Druze and Christians recording different growth rates.&nbsp.

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